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Blue Sky Florida, which has been active in the emergency management field for over ten years—predominately as a subcontractor for the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM)– announced today that the company has expanded to include new major service areas.   Along with this expansion, an appropriate and important new name is now official—The Integrity Group.  In addition to its keen focus on excellence and quality in the area of FEMA Public Assistance recovery consulting at the state and local level, we are now fully capable of supporting all areas of disaster recovery and mitigation.  We have also built significant resources experienced in the area of Community Block Grant funding pursuit and management.

The Integrity Group has also expanded its offerings in the area of homeland security workshops, training and exercises. 

Beyond homeland security & emergency management, the company has also added two new distinct business segments to meet the needs of state and local agencies in Florida and nationwide.  Our new and innovative “Detail Prime” services are now operational and available.  This is a full service solution that provides comprehensive management and oversight of secondary duty details worked by law enforcement and other public safety officers.  In partnership with Florida-based PowerDetails, we offer a complete solution that eliminates any taxpayer funding for the administration of these highly used secondary details.  The focus is on timely response to private sector employers; fair access to qualified law enforcement officers; accurate scheduling and deconfliction with primary duties; and prompt payment to the dedicated men and women working in the public safety arena.

With the excellent inspection, investigative and auditing skills of our team, we have also opened our new Capital Assurance Professionals division.  This unit will provide corporate compliance reviews; program inspections and special investigations into an array of regulated businesses and agencies.  We take a proactive and complete approach to verify and validate that these entities are and remain in full compliance.

In announcing these enhancements and additions, The Integrity Group’s Senior Partner and former FDLE Commissioner James T. Moore said, “As we start this new and remarkable journey in the pursuit of high quality services to all that we serve, all of our clients and future clients can rest assured that The Integrity Group is not just our name—it is who we are.”

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