The Integrity Group Entrusted to Support Bay County’s Long Term Recovery. Rebuild, Sustain and Grow!

The Integrity Group has been honored and humbled by a large number of local jurisdictions and organizations that have asked our team to be part of the massive recovery efforts that are necessary in the wake of the monster storm that was named Michael. Bay County has asked our company to undertake one of the most significant, challenging and critical projects related to this disaster. In partnership with Renatus Advisors, we have deployed a team of disaster recovery consultants, economists, communications experts, information technology professionals and private investment coordinators to help lead the Bay County Long Term Recovery effort. This project goes well beyond the traditional recovery project as it is really focused on economic recovery. The magnitude of this disaster was so much greater than the “usual” disaster. It has threatened all of the communities of Bay County in a way that could cause economic disruption and despair for many years. Very soon after the impact of Michael, the leaders of Bay County and the communities within formed the Bay County Long Term Recovery Task Force. This task force is made up of the following elected officials:

  • Vice Chairman of Bay County Commission Robert Carroll (Task Force Chair)
  • Mayor Greg Brudnicki, Panama City
  • Mayor Ralph Hammond w/ administrative asst. Jeanie Baldwin
  • Councilman Paul Casto, Panama City Beach
  • Mayor Margo Anderson, Lynn Haven
  • Mayor Rich Musgrave, Parker
  • Mayor Al Cathey, Mexico Beach
  • Mayor Pam Henderson, Callaway
  • Chairman Steve Moss, Bay County School Board

It is the responsibility of this Task Force to oversee and ultimately debate/approve a Long Term Recovery Plan for all of the communities of Bay County. The clear mission of this project is to restore, rebuild and grow the entire County. The first charge to The Integrity Group was to help them build and execute a plan to make Bay County better than it was the day before the hurricane (October 9, 2018).

To achieve this critical goal, the focus of this effort is on maximum input from all communities; the business community; the education and health community; and the GENERAL CITIZENRY of all the communities in Bay. To support the Task Force, this project has been organized in such a way to utilize six separate “branches” as tools to gain public input, identify innovative ideas and link all relevant communities, agencies, businesses and groups to be successful. The six branches and the leaders of those branches include the following:

  • Economic Recovery Branch- Businessman Will Cramer
  • Health & Social Service Branch- School Superintendent Bill Husfelt
  • Housing Branch- Panama City Housing Coordinator Michael Johnson
  • Infrastructure Branch- Bay County Public Works Director Keith Bryant
  • Natural & Cultural Resources Branch- Tourism Development Council President Dan Rowe
  • Planning & Capacity Building Branch- Bay County Planning Director Ian Crelling

This massive effort is based on building solutions through the combination of available resources that will be focused on comprehensive and economic recovery countywide. Our team is working hard to examine how the County can achieve maximum return on investments that will be possible through the following resources:

  • Standard FEMA Public Assistance Program
  • FEMA Public Assistance 428 Program
  • FEMA 406 Mitigation
  • FEMA 404 Hazard Mitigation
  • HUD Community Development Block Grant- Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)
  • Disaster Recovery Specific State Legislative Budget Requests
  • Private Investment

Our team has already built valuable tools for the pursuit and management of this project. This includes a special Share Point system for use by project leaders as well as a public website for communication to the public. This website,, announces meeting opportunities, enables public input and reports on the status of ideas from all of the branches outlined above.

This effort is being undertaken in a manner that is wholly consistent with FEMA’s Long Term Recovery Framework and in coordination with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, the Congressional Delegation, the Florida Legislative team, and other stakeholders.

A short video of the opening session of this Task Force can be found by clicking HERE.

In discussing the enthusiasm of our team, Senior Partner Eric Miller (former Chief Inspector General for the State of Florida) said, “We are fortunate to be able to work with excellent local officials to build what promises to be a true national recovery model. This effort is not the normal process followed in a disaster recovery project. The magnitude, complexity and economic aspects of this undertaking requires maximum coordination, creativity and energy.”

Senior Partner James T. Moore (former FDLE Commissioner) added, “The other important aspect of our effort in Bay County is that three of our company’s key leaders are natives of Bay County and have friends and family members that were seriously impacted by this disaster. While we work diligently for the benefit of all our clients, this one is deeply personal.”

To demonstrate that this effort is truly about the future of Bay County and its people, a special radio ad is playing on numerous stations in the area. To hear the radio spot, click HERE.

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