We understand the dynamics of disaster recovery planning and resource allocation, as well as the need for financial stability. From the first day on the job, our efforts will focus on quickly engaging with our client’s personnel and gathering pertinent data to support a seamless project launch. We will ensure full awareness of funding opportunities and funding obligations to orient with the project management process, as well as address any questions that may arise throughout the project lifecycle.

The skills and experience of our PA staff will provide confidence that the disaster funds will be maximized to the greatest extent possible, while all FEMA & HUD rules, regulations, and requirements are adhered to completely. Of special note is our familiarity and expertise with the entire suite of federal procurement regulations. We are prepared to assist with any issue that may arise under 2 C.F.R. 200.317- 200.326 to ensure that any procured services, materials, and/or supplies are fully eligible for reimbursement by FEMA and potential grants obtained via HUD and other sources.

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