On October 10, 2018, the City of Springfield was in the direct path of Hurricane Michael. The City saw complete devastation, losing every City building, including City Hall, the Police and Fire departments, and public works, vehicle maintenance bays, and warehouses. In the past four years, we have assisted the City in a complete recovery effort.


In the aftermath of the catastrophic Category 5 Hurricane Michael, the City of Springfield, FL sought the expertise of The Integrity Group to lead its FEMA PA and CDBG-DR management initiatives. The hurricane had inflicted an immense toll on the community, causing widespread damage to municipal buildings, housing, infrastructure, educational facilities, and healthcare facilities.


Since 2018, we have assisted the City in a complete recovery effort. We have coordinated the City’s FEMA Grants yielding more than $35 million in projects, with $20 million designated as Alternate Procedure Projects (428). The City intends on using these 428 funds to build a state-of-the-art Consolidated City Complex. In addition to direct FEMA projects, we have also secured the City more than $1.6 million in HMGP projects to address some critical needs. Additionally, we assisted the City in obtaining a $1.14 million state grant directly from FDEM for costs not covered by FEMA. Our company practice is to help the client throughout closeout responding to RFIs, submitting RFAs, and RFRs. This allows the applicant to use their money effectively during recovery.

Over the past year, we have also worked with the City to develop and submit projects through Florida DEO and HUD via CDBG-DR funding. They have been awarded $3.1 million in the first round of Infrastructure for a retaining pond and site work for the City Complex. In August, we assisted the City in securing an additional $5 million in the Hometown Revitalization Program for Citywide improvements, including, but not limited to, commercial district sidewalk upgrades, lighting, and facade upgrades.


With the assistance of The Integrity Group, The City of Springfield has achieved incredible results in its recovery efforts following the devastating impact of Hurricane Michael. Through their dedicated work on FEMA PA and CDBG-DR management, significant progress was made in addressing the community’s extensive losses. The reconstruction efforts are leading to the successful restoration of essential housing, vital infrastructure, educational facilities, healthcare services, and tourism amenities. The collaborative approach and strategic planning implemented by The Integrity Group played a crucial role in revitalizing the city and paving the way for a resilient and hopeful future for Springfield’s residents and visitors alike.

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