Sheila McGraw

Sheila McGraw

Senior Program Director

Sheila currently serves as a Senior Program Director at The Integrity Group, where she advocates for applicants in disaster recovery funding processes and grant management. Prior to this, she held roles such as Business Manager, Director of Operations, and Payroll Supervisor. She is a detail-oriented professional with over 35 years of experience in grant management, operations, finance, auditing, and human resources. Sheila has a proven track record in providing strategic guidance and support to clients, ensuring compliance with program regulations, and optimizing funding opportunities. She utilizes her exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills to assist organizations in navigating complex funding programs successfully. Sheila is recognized as a strategic, methodical, and reliable professional who excels in resolving long-term issues and influencing positive revenue outcomes through streamlined processes.

Sheila has extensive experience working on various programs funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), including three specific to the Emergency Rental Assistance program. Additionally, she has contributed to multiple programs funded by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
With a penchant for thinking outside the box, Sheila derives innovative solutions to old problems through strategic information gathering, data analytics, and comprehensive scrutiny. Her career spans numerous disaster recovery projects valued at over $75 million, where she has built strong relationships with sub-grantees and FEMA employees.

In one of her previous roles, she reduced the hours worked by 50% and increased data accuracy by implementing automated processes. In another position, she increased efficiency and decreased working hours by 75% through the creation of a process to accumulate all data into one area for precise distribution into appropriate accounts.
Sheila pursued an education in Business Administration, Accounting, and General Studies. She holds certifications in Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocacy Core Training and numerous FEMA certifications. She actively seeks opportunities for ongoing professional development and continuous learning.

With her diverse skill set, extensive experience, and commitment to excellence, Sheila is a valuable asset in any role she undertakes.