Olivia Schmidt

Olivia Schmidt

Senior Vice President,
Program Services

With a wealth of experience spanning fifteen years in every facet of the Disaster Recovery Program, Olivia is a seasoned professional dedicated to navigating and mitigating the impacts of natural disasters. She has adeptly managed and responded to over 19 disasters throughout her distinguished career, showcasing a remarkable commitment to resilience and recovery.

Notable among her accomplishments are her instrumental roles in managing disaster responses such as Hurricane Irma 2017 (DR 4280), Hurricane Hermine 2016, Hurricane Matthew’s DR 4283 (Florida), the formidable Category 5 Hurricane Michael (2018) in DR 4285 (North Carolina), and the 2021 DR 4630 Tornados in Kentucky. Olivia’s expertise extends across various disaster scenarios, demonstrating her ability to lead and support communities in times of crisis.

During her tenure with FEMA Public Assistance, Olivia has excelled at both the grantee and sub-grantee levels, bringing a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in disaster recovery efforts. Notably, during the response to the 2018 Category 5 Hurricane Michael, Olivia efficiently managed 12 applicants and oversaw projects totaling over $80 million, showcasing her organizational prowess and leadership skills.

In addition to her work with FEMA, Olivia has been instrumental in pursuing and securing approximately $15 million in CDBG-DR funding for applicants, addressing unmet needs arising from Hurricane Michael. Her dedication to securing community financial resources underscores her commitment to ensuring a robust and sustained recovery.
Olivia’s career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to disaster recovery. It showcases her expertise in navigating complex challenges and her compassion for those affected. As a Senior Vice President of Disaster Management Services, Olivia contributes significantly to building resilient communities and fostering recovery in the aftermath of adversity.