John Czernis

John Czernis

Executive Vice President,
Operations & Compliance

Mr. John Czernis serves as Chief Compliance Officer for The Integrity Group. He brings more than 46 years of public and private sector experience serving in positions of successively greater responsibility and leadership in state and local law enforcement, government compliance, and non-profit executive management. Mr. Czernis has extensive experience in compliance and assurance services gained from his public and private sector work experience. He has firsthand experience in both on-site disaster recovery response and with the administrative functions as a sworn member of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Before joining The Integrity Group, Mr. Czernis served as the Chief of Investigations for the Office of the Chief Inspector General for the State of Florida, Office of the Governor. Mr. Czernis was responsible for investigations related to allegations of misconduct, and waste, fraud, and abuse. He conducted compliance reviews regarding issues falling under the mandate of the Chief Inspector General.

Mr. Czernis served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR). He was integrally involved in strategic direction, management, and policy issues as well as project design and program oversight. Prior to this role, he oversaw the Training, Information Sharing, and Multimedia departments within the company.

Mr. Czernis served as Colonel and Director of the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and was responsible for providing leadership and direction to more than 2200 sworn and nonsworn members. He was responsible for the state’s law enforcement mission of highway safety. He served as a liaison between the division and other local, state, and federal agencies on law enforcement issues. He encouraged a responsible and functional working relationship among the Florida Highway Patrol, the Florida sheriffs and chiefs of police, and other state and federal law enforcement agency chief executives through collegial cooperation and assistance. During his career with the Florida Highway Patrol, he also served as Deputy Director of Special Operations Command managing the Patrol’s budget, personnel, and administrative functions; as Chief Investigator managing the Patrol’s criminal, administrative and professional compliance investigations; Chief Training Officer; and as the Grants, Accreditation, and Policy Administrator. His field experience spanned seventeen years beginning as a trooper in 1977. He promoted through the ranks serving in field command and headquarters leadership positions until retiring from FHP in 2011.