Jeremy Tidwell

Jeremy Tidwell

Executive Vice President,

Jeremy serves as Executive Vice President of Technology at The Integrity Group, where he plays a multifaceted role in shaping the company’s service offerings. Actively engaged in initiatives such as Blue Sky Florida, Detail Prime, and Capital Assurance Professionals, Jeremy brings strategic insight and operational expertise to the table. His leadership extends beyond conventional boundaries, as he navigates best practices in technology and program management.

With a solid foundation built over ten years of leadership within an international non-profit organization, Jeremy’s expertise spans the domains of finance and information technology. His tenure in Bangladesh, India, and Thailand has endowed him with a nuanced understanding of global operations and a keen insight into cultural dynamics. Jeremy’s return to his home state of Florida in 2018 marked a significant chapter in his career journey, as he embarked on a new phase of professional growth with The Integrity Group.

Jeremy’s commitment to innovation is evident in his proactive approach towards leveraging emerging technologies for sustainable IT service delivery. As a Certified Scrum Master with over five years of experience in Agile development, he champions a culture of adaptability and efficiency within his teams. Jeremy’s vision extends beyond mere functionality; he strives to embed integrity and ethical practices into every facet of technological advancement, ensuring that The Integrity Group remains true to its name.

Jeremy’s contributions extend beyond his core responsibilities, as evidenced by his track record of spearheading impactful initiatives. Among his notable achievements is the development and implementation of a grant portal workflow system, which streamlines the application, review, and payment processes. This system has facilitated the allocation of over $200 million in local, state, and federal funds, notably supporting programs such as CARES, ARPA, and ERA/ERA2.

Furthermore, Jeremy’s leadership was instrumental in guiding the Housing Branch of the Bay County Long Term Recovery Planning Committee in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. His efforts played a pivotal role in finalizing documents that secured over $750 million in funding for Bay County’s recovery endeavors, underscoring his commitment to community resilience and restoration.

In his capacity as a Scrum Master, Jeremy led a three-year endeavor to develop a custom expense report application, enhancing efficiency within the finance office and yielding annual savings of $500,000 through personnel cost reductions and overhead optimization. His strategic approach to process improvement exemplifies his dedication to maximizing organizational effectiveness and fiscal responsibility.

Jeremy’s innovation also extends to the realm of public safety, where he spearheaded a program providing staffing for school safety officers in 22 Leon County, Florida schools. By deploying sworn law enforcement officers, this program has ensured the safety and security of students and faculty while securing over $60 million in funding over its five-year duration.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has demonstrated a commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation. His multifaceted expertise, coupled with his unwavering dedication to service, has positioned him as a catalyst for positive change within The Integrity Group and the broader community.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Jeremy finds fulfillment in his role as a devoted husband and father. His family’s experiences living abroad have enriched their perspectives and instilled in them a deep appreciation for diversity and cultural exchange. Drawing upon these experiences, Jeremy approaches his work with empathy and an unwavering commitment to excellence.