Tracey Stallworth |  RECOVERY SPECIALIST

Dr. Tracey Stallworth has worked federally funded county programs with a budget of $4.4+ million from the US Treasury Department financially assisting county citizens with food scarcity, small business owners, churches and religious organizations, non-profit organizations, and non-profit healthcare organizations.  Dr. Stallworth has extensive experience in Business Management, Auditing, Curriculum Development, Safety Inspection, Developing Action Plans, Quality Matters Rubrics, Goal Achievement, Situational Leadership Skills, Interpersonal Communications Skills during disasters and QPR Trauma training.

As an Adjunct Professor for 11 years, and a Career and Academic Advisor for three years at Tallahassee Community College, Dr. Stallworth has assisted students in countless ways: advising on degree-specific programs and procedures, identifying at-risk students, highlighting opportunities for academic success and improvement, ensuring educational goals are met through degree requirements, providing registration instructions to students for online courses, assisting with academic appeals, student orientations, probation, and various curriculum issues and concerns. His Strength is having “Raw Passion” to help people identify their personal goals: Occupational, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Social, as well as helping them create a plan to achieve them.

Dr. Stallworth holds a Doctor of Ministry (2016) from Jacksonville Theological Seminary, Jacksonville, FL, a Master of Arts in Religion from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (2009) from Flagler College, and an Associate of Arts degree (2007) from Tallahassee Community College (Phi Theta Kappa). He aspires to earn a Master degree in Mental Health Trauma.

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