The Integrity Group Supports Independence Landing Project

Leadership of The Integrity Group joined over 300 Tallahassee businesses and individual citizens in a major fundraising effort for the development of Independence Landing in Southeast Tallahassee. This large project, led by a board of concerned leaders from various disciplines, is seeking the construction of a major development to provide a safe and affordable planned residential community for adults with differing cognitive abilities.

Independence Landing is a citizen-driven, grassroots, non-profit organization whose vision is to build this innovative community on a 20 acre parcel near the Southwood region of Leon County.

The Integrity Group sent Senior Partner Gary Yates and Operations Director Lisa Lagergren to this fundraising event. The company was recognized for its financial contributions and other support to this remarkable project. Director Lagergren, herself the mother of a special needs child, expressed her view of the effort. She said, “Independence Landing is a project driven by an incredible goal of significantly improving the lives of special need adults. Congratulations to the incredible leadership of Ms. Allison Tant Richard and the entire voluntary Board that is making great strides toward this becoming a reality.”

The Integrity Group has pledged ongoing and significant support to this project, which will make all of Tallahassee proud!

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