The Integrity Group Announces Implementation of Advanced Drone Technology for Clients

The Integrity Group announced today the implementation of advanced drone technology tools for use in disaster preparedness, response and recovery operations. This tool can also be used for security assessments, training and various exercises. This sophisticated technology was unveiled in Mexico Beach this morning. Mexico Beach was one of the most severely damaged communities in Bay County from the impact of Hurricane Michael on October 10, 2018. Residents, businesses and local governmental entities suffered many hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and costs associated with this Category 5 monster hurricane.

The video below was produced by FAA licensed drone pilot Brad Yates of The Integrity Group. The FAA license which Yates holds is significant as we are now fully qualified and authorized to fly this advanced technology tool over any and all damaged areas. This technology will be used to help our local clients complete detailed damage assessments, even prior to the State and FEMA deployments. Our protocol is to deploy this technology within 72 hours of impact to document all major damages. With this device, videos and images can be captured from all vantage points and altitudes with great granularity. This photographic documentation will be critical to the development of comprehensive damage claims to FEMA, HUD and other disaster recovery support entities. Along with this drone, we have sophisticated software that will “measure” all aspects of the environment and infrastructure impacted (i.e. beach erosion). Of course, specific locations can be geo-coded and images timestamped for maximum organization.

In addition, this technology will be an integral aspect of the company’s Recovery Ready program. This program, as its name implies, enables clients to be adequately prepared and positioned to deal with the complexities of disaster recovery. The drone technology will be used to supplement documentation concerning the “pre-disaster” condition of communities, infrastructure and the business sector. This type of clear photographic evidence, along with maintenance records and other documentation is critical to building the best case for reimbursement and funding by recovery support agencies.

We are also using this drone technology in school districts to provide images and video to be used in local law enforcement awareness and training efforts as part of the school district safety programs.

Senior Partner Eric Miller said of this announcement, “This is a promising tool now enabling us to provide high caliber quality service to our clients in several areas including, disaster preparedness, response and recovery. It also will be great for various security assessments, training and other venues in which a clear eye in the sky is critical.”

See the video HERE

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