The Integrity Group Adds Clients in Our Hurricane Michael Recovery Efforts—Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory and the City of Springfield

As affected communities continue to recovery from the devastation of major category four Hurricane Michael, The Integrity Group has contracted with new additional clients to provide our full range of disaster recovery consulting services. The Gulf Specimen Marine Lab in Panacea suffered very serious damage during the disaster. This innovative lab, which focuses on research, rehabilitation and education related to a wide array of marine life is a common destination for school children across the big bend area. While the scope of work for this non-profit organization is different than the normal assignment in recovery, our team has already gained a great appreciation for the talented staff and management of this “gem on the gulf coast.” They are eligible for financial relief from FEMA and we will ensure that they receive every eligible dollar.

The City of Springfield, in Bay County, was almost completely devastated by this disaster. In fact, every municipal facility in the City, except for the Library, was totally destroyed. The costs to the City to dispose of debris, rebuild facilities, repair infrastructure and pay the other unexpected expenses that Michael brought is enormous. In additional to seeking, obtaining and keeping every recovery dollar possible from all sources, we have already begun to assist Mayor Hammond, other City leaders and staff in several aggressive and innovative ideas to re-develop, mitigate and improve the City. This bedroom community to Tyndall Airforce Base and the City of Panama City happens to be the childhood home of The Integrity Group Senior Partner Gary Yates. Finding himself and the company in this unusual situation, Mr. Yates said, “There are many areas in my childhood home—and still the home of family and friends—that are simply not recognizable due to the massive devastation. My elementary, junior high and high school were all seriously damaged. It appears that every business in the City is at least temporarily out of business. This experience emphasizes the importance of what our team does every day for many clients. I have asked our team to treat every community we serve like it was their hometown!”

The early estimates are that the total costs to recover for Springfield will be roughly five times their total annual budget. We expect to work with leadership to bundle all available resources and leverage everything possible to have this great community of hard working people rebuild, sustain and grow.

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