Restaurant Revitalization Grant Program

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$28.6 Billion in Federal Funding

$10 Million per Entity (cap of $5 Million per location)

Pandemic Related Revenue Loss

Our team of expert grant writers remains in constant contact with SBA concerning the guidelines and requirements. We strongly suggest that all eligible entities provide us the information to compile the full application and be prepared to be among the “first in line” for this grant funding. It is certainly anticipated that the total funding of $28.6 billion will be disbursed in a short timeframe. We are prepared to provide full service to develop winning applications.

What we do:

  • Validate the eligibility of interested entities.
  • Assist in the assessment of eligible losses and award amount sought.
  • Collect, review, and organize all documentation required for an early grant submission.
  • Establish an electronic repository of all required documents for access by clients and retention for possible future audits, etc.
  • Develop complete and fully compliant grant applications.
  • Consult with client on application materials and level of funding sought.
  • Submit application to SBA on opening day, following federal guidelines.
  • Monitor the status of grant award and be responsive to clients’ questions.
  • Upon award of grant, compile/organize follow-up documentation required.
  • Our fees to develop, monitor and manage winning grants is paid out of the proceeds of the grant awarded.
  • All work can be accomplished via teleconference or video conferencing.

Please call the Restaurant Revitalization Grant Center at 850.739.3600 or register your interest at the top of this page.

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