The Integrity Group specializes in the delivery of custom solutions and services to best meet the unique needs of local and state agencies. Since 2010, The Integrity Group Team has assisted hundreds of state and local government clients, of all sizes, attain and exceed their goals for program management, community and first responder preparedness, emergency response, and disaster recovery. The Integrity Group uses its high-performing and experienced consultants to ensure its clients receive the best service and greatest value for their investment. We focus on excellence and innovative emergency management and homeland security services. In the critical area of disaster recovery and mitigation, our cadre of experienced Consultants and efficient internal management professionals have brought significant value and quality to governmental and not-for-profit entities.

Our combined successes in financial services, emergency management, recovery, mitigation, and CDBG-DR are significant. This experience makes us a comprehensive, knowledgeable, productive, creative, and proven provider. Together, we have a team that has managed or participated in major disaster recoveries in 33 Presidentially declared disasters in Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Ohio, Mississippi, and North Carolina. These efforts included hundreds of counties, municipalities, special districts, and non-profit organizations.

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