Hazard Mitigation grant program (HMGP)

Our Team will assist with FEMA HMGP grant application development when HMGP is identified as the specific funding source for certain projects originating through the Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) planning process.  The Team will provide complete, competitive, and submission-ready applications that will conform to all state, local, and federal programmatic requirements. This will include but not be limited to the Code of Federal Regulations, the Hazard Mitigation Assistance Guidance, and all applicable building codes and design standards.

Project identification is based on several factors, which will include eligibility, technical feasibility, a benefit-cost analysis, conformance with the LMS, and the availability of funding.

Elements of the application to be developed include the following: General Applicant Information; Project Description, Scope of Work, Level of Protection; Budget and Schedule; Environmental and Historic Preservation; and Benefit-Cost Analysis.

Critical considerations for monitoring will ensure HMGP funding is being drawn down in a timely fashion, which will create projections for future expenditures and ensure the program meets LMI requirements. As we monitor the program, our team will determine if impediments exist to meeting spending requirements, and whether waivers are necessary and appropriate.

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