Our Experience

The Integrity Group has the critically needed experience, skills, and focus on exceptional client service to provide a comprehensive set of disaster recovery consulting services for our clients. This includes support in preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation operations. Our team’s skills allow us to provide the services that are critical to achieve achieving the desired level of preparedness, respond responding to emergency events, accomplishing a full recovery from declared disasters, and mitigate mitigating conditions that could lead to future potential losses. Our team has amassed significant experience in successfully managing the complex areas of the FEMA Public Assistance (PA) and Hazard Mitigation Grant Programs (HMGP), Federal Highway Administration Program (FHWA), and Community Development Block Grants-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR). Our professionals include high-performing FEMA Disaster Recovery Experts; Engineers; Grant Managers; Accountants; Auditors, Information Technologists, Licensed Drone Pilots (for damage assessments and Recovery Ready documentation), and CDBG-DR professionals. Every task we perform for every client we serve focuses on excellence, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness to our clients’ client’s needs.

We have significant experience in all phases of emergency management:

  • State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Operations
  • Incident Management Team deployment
  • Logistics Support
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Public Assistance
  • Individual Assistance
  • Hazard Mitigation
  • Public Information
  • Information Technology
  • Declaration Requests
  • Procurement
  • Resource Distributions
  • Planning
  • Sheltering
  • Debris Management

“Just-in-time” Model
Every task we perform for every client we served focuses on excellence, cost-effectiveness, and responsiveness to our client’s needs. The deployment of our professionals follows a “just-in-time” philosophy, resulting in quality in service and cost-effectiveness. The recovery process requires specialized expertise when needed, and in some cases, that expertise is needed for a short-term deployment at various steps through the process. This helps us serve you efficiently and contain costs.

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