Olivia Schmidt  |  RECOVERY MANAGER

Olivia serves as a Program Manager for The Integrity Group and is actively involved in the company’s Disaster Recovery services through Blue Sky Florida. Based upon her significant government experience, Olivia also provides advice to the company’s other major services–Detail Prime and Capital Assurance Professionals.

Olivia has nearly 10 years’ experience in major disaster recovery consulting for the State of Florida and many local sub-applicants to the FEMA Disaster Recovery Public Assistance Program in Florida and North Carolina. She has worked in every aspect of this program, including: damage assessments; project development; grant management; final reconciliations; and project closeouts. She has served as a team manager and coordinator on more than 16 major disasters, including: 2017 DR Irma (4337), 2016 disasters Hurricane Hermine (DR 4280) and Hurricane Matthew DR 4283 (Florida) and DR 4285 (North Carolina). Olivia has worked on both the Grantee and sub-grantee level of the FEMA Public Assistance program. She has extensive knowledge of FEMA policy and maintains a current expert knowledge of the latest version of the PAAP-G, issued by FEMA (with many constant updates). A significant specialty area in which she excels is in the collection, analysis and development of claims (State and Local) for the reimbursement of Direct Administrative Costs (DAC). She has managed DAC claims for more than 80 employees on three separate disasters. She has successfully completed projects totaling over $30 million in such claims.

Prior to joining The Integrity Group/Blue Sky Florida, she worked all levels of government—local, state and federal.

Her first role in Emergency Management was working with the Escambia County, Florida Emergency Management Office on various projects related to Preparedness, Response and Recovery. This work included shelter preparedness, activation and management. She also worked with multiple agencies involved in the response phase of disasters. She was actively deployed to the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for multiple disasters, including major Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis.

After leaving this responsible role in County government, Olivia then became a staff member in the Office of the United States Attorney of Florida’s Northern District. During her four years in these extremely active and broad-ranging office, she worked closely with investigators and prosecutors pursuing major criminal investigations in all areas of North Florida. Most of these cases involved the use of Federal Grand Juries. She also organized and participated in various training programs, conferences and seminars, including the historic Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Conferences, involving all districts in Florida. During her tenure here, Olivia also earned her bachelor’s Degree in political science from the University of West Florida.

Prior to becoming an expert in disaster recovery, Olivia worked as a Legislative Aide to a member of the Florida House of Representatives. During her time in the Legislature, she helped coordinate the complex and critical bill drafting, introduction, negotiation and passage steps. This role allowed her great exposure to the State’s elected leadership in both the Legislative and Executive branches of Government. Her duties also involved outreach and coordination with constituents from Florida’s District 2 and special interest groups and Legislative consultants from several industries, businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

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