Member of The Integrity Group deploys in response to Hurricane Dorian

As the threat of Hurricane Dorian loomed for most of the East Coast, Gov. Ron DeSantis issued a State of Emergency for all 67 counties in Florida. Following this order, the State took a proactive approach and activated multiple State assets, which included Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) teams from across the State. The State also activated mutual aid assets from FEMA USAR teams. These teams consist of highly skilled individuals that receive specialized training in search and rescue operations. These teams were deployed and staged across the State in anticipation of the potentially devastating storm event.

One of those deployed USAR members was The Integrity Group’s own Brad Yates. Brad serves as a part time Disaster Recovery Consultant with the company and has been involved with Emergency Management since 2009. He also is a full-time Engineer with the Tallahassee Fire Department and a member of Florida Task Force 7—one of the State’s USAR teams. After the Governor’s declaration on September 1st Brad received notification that his team had received activation orders for deployment in anticipation of Dorian. On September 2nd, Brad and the other members of Florida Task Force 7 rolled out of Tallahassee in a 16 vehicle convoy headed east on Interstate 10.

Task Force 7’s destination was Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, located in Clay County, Florida. Camp Blanding was designated a staging area for multiple assets from across the State and from across the Country. Five to six hundred personnel from the Florida National Guard, FEMA USAR teams, State of Florida USAR Teams, and strike teams all staged in anticipation of the storm making landfall. Their response area was determined to be the Northeast portion of Florida, should it be warranted. For four days, Florida Task Force 7 and others staged at Camp Blanding. While staging they were constantly briefed on developments and used this time to train on their various equipment and life-saving processes.

Thankfully, Dorian skirted the eastern coast of Florida, and did not cause severe damage, so the determination was eventually made that USAR teams were no longer needed. Florida Task Force 7, as well as all other teams, demobilized and the Tallahassee team returned home.

Senior Partner Tim Moore said of this deployment, “ We here at the Integrity Group are proud of Mr. Yates and his accomplishments and contributions to Florida. He and his fellow team members on Florida Task Force 7 have undergone extensive training and preparation to serve. Brad has long been proficient in the complexities of disaster recovery. He is now also clearly on the front line of response and safety to all served.”

During this deployment, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis visited Camp Blanding to encourage the teams and thank them for their service. The photo above is the CFO greeting Brad. The following short video was also produced by his office.

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