Lisa serves as Chief Financial Officer of The Integrity Group and is actively involved in the company’s service offerings through Blue Sky Florida (Emergency Mgt.); Detail Prime (Secondary Duty Services); and Capital Assurance Professionals (corporate & governmental compliance services).

During her 25+ years of government and consulting experience, Lisa has demonstrated superior proficiency in a variety of responsible, leadership roles. For the past nine years, Lisa has played a key role in Emergency Management and disaster recovery efforts in Florida. She has a worked with a wide range of Sub-Grantees on gathering documentation and building strong claims for FEMA Grants in the aftermath of multiple disasters. She has updated knowledge of FEMA policies and procedures that enables her to assess an applicant’s damages to determine eligibility and identify damages they may not have considered. She also has special experience in the development of Direct Administrative Costs claims for local governmental entities. Her great attention to detail makes her very successful at project cost validation and organization. In her last government position, at the Florida Department of Financial Services, Lisa managed a complex statewide wind mitigation program—with excellent results

Before her involvement in emergency management, Lisa worked in Law Enforcement in the Northwest Florida Region. Her more than twelve years as Public Information Officer for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement have well-prepared her for any project requiring a significant organizational effort, analysis of documentation and contact with all levels of local government officials.

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