Joe serves as a Program Manager for The Integrity Group and is actively involved in the company’s Disaster Recovery services through Blue Sky Florida. Based upon his significant government experience, Joe also provides advice to the company’s other major services–Detail Prime and Capital Assurance Professionals.

Joe has worked in the emergency management field for 10 years, beginning as a member of the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). During this time, Joe has worked in a responsible position on at least 20 Presidentially-declared disaster events. His role has been in the management of grantee and subgrantee grants through the FEMA Public Assistance Recovery Program. The total value of these disaster recovery projects exceeds $5 billion. As a key part of the management team, Joe has worked in all phases of the recovery process—from damage assessments to final project closeouts. Since 2011, Joe’s focus has been on the detailed quality assurance of large project final reconciliations and closeouts. He has personally been involved in the development and review of almost 3,000 large projects closed out since 2011. He is one of the most knowledgeable and talented individuals working with the FEMA Public Assistance Program and serves as one of The Integrity Group’s internal quality control experts and trainers. Prior to becoming a Disaster Recovery expert (in government and as a consultant), Joe worked in the banking industry (15 years) as a manager in several areas. He also was a leader in the mortgage banking industry for 16 years. This significant experience in the banking industry was a great foundation for his unwavering attention to quality and the appreciation of the necessary proper accounting of funding and other resources.

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