Jim Riddell has over 10 years of leadership and technical consulting experience in disaster recovery and the FEMA Public Assistance Program, working on no less than 20 Federally Declared Disasters.  During this time, Mr. Riddell has worked on over 2,000 disaster recovery grants valued at more than $1 billion.  This service has positively impacted not only a major state-level grantee, but more than 150 sub-grantees.  Prior to becoming a professional recovery consultant, Mr. Riddell worked for the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM), Bureau of Recovery, for over three years.  He has served in several professional capacities, including Public Assistance Coordinator, Team Lead and IA Housing Inspector.  His experience is in all phases of disaster recovery, including: Damage Assessments; Project Development; Grant Management & Reporting; Payment processing; Final Reconciliation; and project, account and disaster closeouts, and Individual Housing (IA) Inspector.  He is highly respected by clients for his outstanding technical knowledge, keen focus on customer service and responsiveness to meet the needs of state and local applicants.

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