The Integrity Group provides top quality professional services to local, state and federal government agencies and private entities in several critical public safety and financial quality assurance areas. Under the leadership of our Senior Partners, we are organized into three service sectors—all grounded in the uncompromising pursuit of our high standards of professionalism, customer responsiveness, innovation, value and (most important) INTEGRITY!




Gary J Yates

Senior Partner

Gary J. Yates serves as Senior Partner of The Integrity Group. During his 40-year career in criminal justice, emergency management, government consulting and corporate leadership, Mr. Yates has amassed extensive experience in program development, management, quality assurance, governmental auditing, inspections, grant management and strategic planning…Read More

Tim Moore

Senior Partner

James T. “Tim” Moore serves as Senior Partner of The Integrity Group. Prior to becoming a business leader, Mr. Moore was the longest serving Commissioner in the history of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), serving in that key leadership role from 1988 to 2003. He was appointed Commissioner and worked for three Florida Governors. His total length of service with FDLE was over 30 years…Read More

Kenneth Tucker

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Ken has over 41 years of experience in the criminal justice sector at the local, state and federal levels. Over 36 years of that experience was in a sworn law enforcement capacity serving in roles ranging from an investigator to Agency Head of the third largest prison system in the United States. Mr. Tucker served as the Law Enforcement Coordinator for the US Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Florida…Read More

Charles C. "Curt" Hall

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Colonel Hall’s career with FHP spanned 36 years. He served throughout the state at every level within the Agency. The FHP is Florida’s largest uniformed law enforcement agency consisting of over 2,300 sworn and non sworn members. Prior to being appointed Director he was responsible for public information, education, recruitment as well as coordinating legislative initiatives, before overseeing field operations…Read More

Rob Swearingen

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

During his 32 years in law enforcement, Rob served in many facets of the Leon County Sheriff’s Office including Patrol, School Resource, Criminal Investigations, and Domestic Security. During this tenure Mr. Swearingen attained the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, undersheriff and in 2014, after the death of Sheriff Larry Campbell, was appointed Sheriff of Leon County by Florida Governor Rick Scott…Read More

Dr. Jim Sewell

Senior Criminal Justice Advisor

Dr. James D. Sewell retired as Assistant Commissioner of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in February 2005, following a 32-year career with university, municipal, and state law enforcement agencies in Florida. Since his retirement from active law enforcement, he has provided training and management consulting services to a number of criminal justice and social services agencies….Read More

Marvin Doyal

Senior Compliance Consultant

Marvin began working as an auditor and investigator in August 1964 and has continued in that profession since that date. During that period, he has worked for a federal agency, several state agencies, a city and as a consultant to several law firms. All of the positions that he has held dealt with providing clients advice and services — primarily forensic accounting services, management consulting, auditing, investigating…Read More

Lisa Lagergren

Director of Operations

During her 25+ years of government and consulting experience, Ms. Lagergren has demonstrated superior proficiency in a variety of responsible, leadership roles. For the past nine years, Lisa has played a key role in Emergency Management and disaster recovery efforts in Florida. She has a worked with a wide range of Sub-Grantees on gathering documentation and building strong claims for FEMA Grants…Read More

Jeremy Tidwell

Chief Information Officer

Jeremy has ten years of proven leadership for an international non-profit organization in the areas of finance and information technology. With a keen understanding of emerging technologies and vision to implement innovations for long-term, sustainable delivery of IT services, Jeremy brings passion and expertise to the Integrity Group. He also has over 5 years of experience working with Agile development teams….Read More

Amanda Cox

Recovery Attorney

Amanda has been practicing law in Florida for over 11 years. She has experience in a wide range of practices including insurance matters, contracts and business and personal disputes. Amanda has been an integral part of our Emergency Management team helping clients to identify and formulate appeal opportunities for Public Assistance projects. Amanda is very detailed in review of all projects….Read More

Kevin Adkison

Program Manager

Kevin is an experienced Recovery Manager with ten years of emergency management experience, having served in multiple roles in the public and private sectors assisting communities across the country with their disaster recovery efforts across 46 presidentially declared events. Having served as the Public Assistance Officer for the State of Florida where he managed a staff of 27…Read More

Olivia Schmidt

Program Manager

Olivia has nearly 10 years’ experience in major disaster recovery consulting for the State of Florida and many local sub-applicants to the FEMA Disaster Recovery Public Assistance Program in Florida and North Carolina. She has worked in every aspect of this program, including: damage assessments; project development; grant management; final reconciliations; and project closeouts…Read More

Darryl Cox

Program Manager

Darryl’s professional experience has led him to become an industry expert involved in all facets of Public Assistance from Project Formulation to Project Closeout. Darryl has worked for the past 6 years as the direct leader in charge of all Large Project Closeout in the State of Florida. This invaluable experience provided him the opportunity to work with representatives across all 67 Counties and over 100 cities…Read More

Joe Zgodzinski

Program Manager

Joe has worked in the emergency management field for 10 years, beginning as a member of the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM). During this time, Joe has worked in a responsible position on at least 20 Presidentially-declared disaster events. His role has been in the management of grantee and subgrantee grants through the FEMA Public Assistance Recovery Program…Read More

Ken Spears

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Ken has worked in the law enforcement field for the last 35 years in numerous capacities. He worked as a sworn law enforcement officer for the Florida Highway Patrol for over 30 years before retiring in 2014. His FHP service includes both field command and headquarters management positions. After retiring from FHP, Ken has successfully provided consulting services to clients across Florida…Read More

Mike Mann

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Mike is a diversified and progressive Law Enforcement Executive with over 38 years of law enforcement experience. He has served in senior administrator with over 23 years of supervision experience involved in hiring/labor relations, staffing, organizational development, and a proven track record in command function and administration. His strengths include being involved with….Read More

Eric Yopp

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Eric currently serves as Deputy Director of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Criminal Justice Professionalism Division. He began his law enforcement career in 1986 as a patrol officer and a member of the SWAT team with the Largo Police Department. In 1989 he joined the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office where he served as a patrol deputy, marine unit deputy, and a member of SWAT…Read More

Rodney Sanchez

Senior Criminal Justice Consultant

Mr. Sanchez is a retired Special Agent from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel. He has an extensive background in leadership, security, and emergency management. During his law enforcement career, Mr. Sanchez served on two SWAT Teams to include Team Leader for FDLE Special Operations Teams…Read More


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