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The Integrity Group provides top quality professional services to local, state and federal government agencies and private entities in several critical public safety and financial quality assurance areas. Under the leadership of our Senior Partners, we are organized into three service sectors—all grounded in the uncompromising pursuit of our high standards of professionalism, customer responsiveness, innovation, value and (most important) INTEGRITY!



Secondary Duty Resourcing

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Emergency Management Services

capital assurance

Quality Assurance and Control

Detail Prime is an innovative, comprehensive solution to help public safety agencies manage their employees’ “secondary duty” details—both in the private sector and governmental agencies—with no additional cost to the taxpayers. The focus of Detail Prime is on equitable and timely requests for secondary employment from public safety employees; automated scheduling and notifications; ensuring compliance with all agency polices; easy requests for support from secondary employers; and full quality control, customer service, auditing & financial processing.

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Blue Sky Florida is a full-service homeland security and emergency management consulting group. Blue Sky focuses on disaster recovery consulting for any applicant or sub-applicant to the FEMA Public Assistance Program, FEMA Mitigation Program or Federal Community Development Block Grant initiatives. Our team has extensive experience in the complex and critical recovery process. We also provide expert consulting in development and delivery of workshops, training, exercises and drills in all aspects of criminal justice and emergency management.

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The Capital Assurance Professionals Team provides experienced quality control, auditing and inspection professionals to ensure that private and public-sector organizations regain or remain fully compliant with specific laws (Federal & State), under which they operate. Our customers include organizations in the medical, insurance, banking, transportation and other regulated industries. Our compliance professional services include annual (or other periodic) reviews conducted in a proactive manner to validate and verify full compliance.

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Disaster Recovery Consulting--FEMA
Since 2010, The Integrity Group team has provided services to many hundreds of local and state governmental entities and non-profit organizations affected by nationally declared disasters. Through this program, federal funding is provided to reimburse state and local governmental entities and certain non-profits for eligible costs incurred as the result of a Presidential Declared disaster. In these efforts, our team has written, managed, audited, and closed over 10,000 projects valued at over $3 billion related to 24 major disasters.
COVID 19 Pandemic Recovery Services
In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic National Disaster, our team is working with numerous counties and cities that are receiving a portion of CARES Act funding from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Florida’s share, $8.3 billion, is being allocated to all counties and selected cities with a population over 500,000. For our clients, we are building COVID 19 Spending Plans that leverage together CARES, FEMA, HUD, and other federal and state funding sources. Our focus is on assisting clients in the expenditure of funding, on meaningful COVID 19 initiatives prior to December 30, 2020.
HUD Community Development Block Grants
Our team is well-experienced and currently active in supporting several local governmental entities in the pursuit, management, and eventual final closeout of U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, Community Development Block Grants. These large funding programs, which are coordinated through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO), includes Disaster Recovery as well as Mitigation programs focusing on housing, infrastructure, and economic revitalization of disaster affected areas.
Long-term Disaster Recovery Planning - Bay County, FL
Following the impact of Category Five Hurricane Michael on Bay County, Florida, The Integrity Group was tasked to work with the County, seven municipalities, the School District, the business community, residents, and other stakeholders on the development of the Bay County Long-term Disaster Recovery Plan. The Integrity Planning Team coordinated this planning effort consistent with the FEMA National Disaster Recovery Framework which requires maximum participation of all affected entities and significant input from the general public and affected businesses.
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