Gary serves as Senior Partner of The Integrity Group and is actively involved in the company’s service offerings through Blue Sky Florida (Emergency Mgt.); Detail Prime (Secondary Duty Services); and Capital Assurance Professionals (corporate & governmental compliance services).

During his 40-year career in criminal justice, emergency management, government consulting and corporate leadership, Gary has amassed extensive experience in program development, management, quality assurance, governmental auditing, inspections, grant management and strategic planning. One of the most significant roles he has played is his service as Project Director for the Florida Division of Emergency Management’s participation in the FEMA Public Assistance Disaster Recovery Program. From 2009 to 2017, he was responsible for overall management and coordination of headquarters-based and field services contractors for every declared disaster impacting Florida since 2004. This effort included service to hundreds of local and state sub-grantees, thousands of recovery grants (large and small) and overall recovery projects totaling over $1.7 Billion. In addition to his key leadership in disaster recovery, Gary also managed many statewide training/exercise programs for Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Health and Criminal Justice agencies throughout Florida.

In the corporate environment, Gary has successfully developed new business units; built new operating and reporting structures; and established quality control and management reporting infrastructures to ensure optimum performance. After his departure from government service, he served leadership roles in two large corporations– General Dynamics and Trimble Navigation. In both of those companies, Gary led the development of innovative nationwide criminal justice technologies involving GPS monitoring of convicted criminals and the linkage of their movement to reported crime incident data. Both of those national programs required extensive development; corporate partnerships; state and federal legislation; focused marketing and sales; and quality assurance and reporting mechanisms. Also included was the development of operational policies, procedures and protocols and the testing of operations to verify compliance and optimum performance. A key aspect of business development was also testimony before the U.S. Congress and several state legislatures concerning offender monitoring, criminal recidivism and technology issues.

Prior to his private sector leadership, Gary worked in law enforcement for over 26 years in key positions focusing on development of new programs and systems and a strong emphasis on internal and external inspections, fiscal management and overall quality assurance.

During his 23-year career with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Gary served in a variety of leadership roles including: Chief of Staff to the Commissioner; Inspector General; Director of Research & Planning; Chief of Investigative Support; and Deputy Director of Administration (grants management, training, personnel and finance/accounting). During a time of dynamic change and challenges in Florida, he consulted with agency leadership, criminal justice leaders and Legislators on various criminal justice issues. These efforts included major public safety initiatives such as: Anti- Violent Crime Legislation; Development of the State Anti-Drug Strategy; Development of the Florida Computer Crime Center; Improvements in Forensic Science efforts; School Violence Prevention and Response; Casino Gambling; Immigration Planning; Disaster Response; Crimes Against Children; Gang Violence Prevention and Information Sharing; and Sex Offender Management Legislation.

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Washington D.C., Gary served as a fingerprint examiner and a member of a special working group that developed the initial specifications and design of the nation’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). He was also exposed to and was a participant in the complex work of the FBI on a number of major national disasters and other incidents.

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