Fredericka Hamilton |  RECOVERY MANAGER

Fredericka is involved in the company’s Blue Sky Florida Disaster Recovery services. She is a seasoned disaster emergency response and recovery professional having worked disaster projects spanning Hurricane Andrew through Hurricane Michael. Her disaster emergency management assignments have included working in several states: Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Louisiana working tornado and hurricane events from damage assessment through project close-out.

During her Hurricane Sandy assignment in New Jersey, she was selected by her Program Manager to perform state level quality control and assessments on FEMA staff written CATEGORY A (debris) project worksheets, and assist the FEMA Debris Team Lead, which resulted in favorable queue reviews and Subapplicants receiving grant funding in a timely manner. During her Hurricane Wilma assignment, she worked with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Broward County Public Schools. Broward County Public Schools had numerous eligible projects with FEMA funding denials and over looked damages. Through the FEMA appeal process, Fredericka worked with Broward County Public Schools assessing each project in question, which resulted in the school board receiving an additional $1+ million dollars for the eligible, over looked disaster damages and denied project costs.

In addition to working the FEMA Public Assistance Program on the state level, she has worked with the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, and the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program on the state level while employed at the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Fredericka has had the pleasure of working at the State of Florida Capitol in the Florida House of Representatives Office, Office of the Clerk, as well as, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Florida A & M University.

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