Former Florida Chief Inspector General Eric W. Miller Named Partner at The Integrity Group

The Integrity Group, a risk and emergency management firm serving in the areas of business integrity, compliance, safety and security, opposition research, investigations, due diligence, and government consulting, announces that Eric W. Miller, the State of Florida’s outgoing Chief Inspector General under Governor Rick Scott, will join the firm as a partner in January 2019.   In addition to Eric Miller, the Integrity Group’s management team includes former senior law enforcement officials, government consultants, federal grant managers, and security and compliance experts.   

According to Partner James T. Moore, Miller will lead the Integrity Group’s corporate compliance, investigations, due diligence, and opposition research vertical. He will also participate in the management of the company’s extensive emergency management and disaster recovery services.  “We’re excited to bring Eric on board.  His past leadership roles and experience in complex financial assessments, fraud investigations, and detecting government and corporate waste and program abuse will complement our sister corporate components and allow us to deliver expertise in-house that most firms cannot match.”  

Miller, a certified financial crimes investigator, certified crisis manager, certified equal employment and discrimination investigator, and certified inspector general, entered public service in January 1982 as a uniformed police officer and subsequently served in roles including Major Crimes Control Division investigator, drug enforcement detective, police field trainer, and academy instructor. In 1993, Miller entered state service as a police inspector for the Office of Internal Investigations of the Florida Department of Natural Resources.  When his unit was merged with the newly created Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Office of Inspector General, Miller served as a police lieutenant with that office until appointed to command that same unit. As the Chief of Investigations for DEP’s Office of Inspector General, Miller directed and coordinated investigations into both governmental and corporate corruption, official misconduct, and financial crimes, investigating both criminal and administrative violations. In this role, Miller participated in and led investigations into the criminal misconduct of sworn officers, culminating in Miller’s appointment to a leadership role in the Florida Marine Patrol as its assistant director of operations.  

In 2001, Miller assumed a leadership role at the Florida Department of Insurance, directing the operations of the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations for the State Fire Marshal. In 2004, Miller was asked by Florida’s first Chief Financial Officer to serve as the Director of the Division of Insurance Fraud, the criminal justice agency responsible for the investigation of insurance fraud, title fraud, insurance related crimes, and other financial crimes in the State of Florida. Miller served in that role until 2007 when he was tapped to lead the Divisions of State Fire Marshal, Insurance Fraud, and Worker Compensation as the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Compliance and Enforcement. 

After serving as the Deputy CFO, Miller was hired to create the Office of Corporate Compliance for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation, the state’s legislatively-created insurer of last resort. 

After serving as Citizens’ director of Corporate Compliance, Miller accepted an appointment as inspector general for the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), overseeing the integrity assurance program for the state’s $24 billion Medicaid program. After serving as the IG for AHCA for over 5 years, Miller accepted an appointment as the Chief Inspector General for the State of Florida.  In this role, Miller served as the inspector general for the Executive Office of the Governor, providing direction and guidance to the inspectors general posted in all the state agencies.  In this critical position,  Miller reported directly to Governor Scott. 

In addition to his prior work experience, Miller has been awarded the Bronze Cross for Meritorious Police Service and as a young officer was named Outstanding Young Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. He taught at four police academies in Florida, served as a guest lecturer at Florida State University, and participated in the drafting of a white-paper on government retrenchment at the invitation of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

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