Mr. Conway Weech has worked with federal grant programs on a county level with budgets totaling $4.4+ million.  The assistance programs include the following: Resident Food Card, Small Business, Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Profit Healthcare Organizations, and Churches and Religious Organizations that were funded through the American Rescue Plan Act Program. Mr. Weech has provided stellar customer service, efficient data entry for applications and supporting documents, and prompt program status and audit review updates of submitted applications and supporting documents to clients.

Mr. Weech has over 10+ years as a law enforcement officer (LEO) working with international agencies. During his tenure as an LEO, Mr. Weech headed joint task force operations, established interagency relations with three international countries and provided aid to those international countries after devastating hurricanes, as well as made countless arrests and seizures. Work tasks also included: managing monthly, quarterly, and annual budgets totaling $3+ million, and managing LEO stations, staff scheduling, and LEO operations reporting.

Additionally, Mr. Weech has over five years of construction experience and construction management. Working countless hours in all developmental phases of construction from plumbing, fabrication, carpentry (rough and finished), and drywall and painting – advancing from a Helper to a Foreman. During his time working in the construction business, Mr. Weech developed a love for Landscaping and Horticulture, and started and operated his landscaping company.

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