Blue Sky Florida Chosen to Serve Florida Sheriffs

The Florida Sheriffs’ Association (FSA) announced today that it has selected Blue Sky Florida to provide disaster recovery consulting to all Florida Sheriffs.  Based on our ten years of successful experience in running all aspects of a disaster recovery effort—from damage assessments to project final closeouts, Blue Sky is now prepared to maximize the eligible funding and support for all Florida Sheriffs impacted by future disasters affecting Florida—beginning with Hurricane Irma.  Our Recovery experts are now being deployed to help Sheriffs maneuver the complex and ever-changing recovery process. 

This new contract is especially critical given the “new” FEMA reimbursement program and the demand to make it easier for our clients.  With our extensive knowledge in Public Assistance we are able to take some of the burdens off of Deputy Sheriffs, finance directors and all of the other valuable people that previously be formed to work on FEMA Public Assistance Grants.  We offer all types of assistance from start to finish.  This includes: answering questions; giving expert advice; organizing and filing grants; monitoring the payment process; and conducting final reviews and closeout of projects.   It is our pleasure to be able to assist the fine men and women who protect the public, and we look forward to doing our part to assist these first responders in rebuilding their communities and towns, and getting reimbursed for every eligible cost incurred due to disaster events.

Blue Sky CEO Gary Yates, heavily involved in most Florida major disasters starting with Hurricane Andrew, spoke of the significance of this three year contract.  Yates said, “We certainly understand the critical role of Florida Sheriffs in several aspects of disaster response and recovery.  It is critical that these agencies receive the support and funding to offset the significant fiscal impact that many experience during a disaster.  Our comprehensive and proactive services will enable the Sheriffs to focus on the critical public safety job they do every day.”  In addition to specific project development and processing—all the way to closeout—Blue Sky will also assess the procedures, policies and documentation to make them “recovery ready” for all future events.

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